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The time has come to retire from grapegrowing and pass the baton to the next generation.  After 19 years of developing Hedberg Hill my wife Lee and I have agreed to sell the business to Tom and Georgina Ward of Swinging Bridge.  They have been making Orange Region Wines for over 10 years using our fruit for the last 3 years.  The vineyard/winery will be in good hands and will be bigger and better with Swinging Bridge.  Tom is an experienced grapegrower and winemaker and is presently the President of the NSW Wine Industry Association.

Lee and I would like to thank all our past customers who have supported us over the last 19 years.  We have met many wonderful people and enjoyed the journey.  To wind down we are offering a big discount on all our wines but unfortunately some are already sold out. 

Thank you again for your wonderful support.  We look forward to seeing the progress of Swinging Bridge and the firther growth of Orange Region wines

Hedberg Hill Retail order form June 2017

New winemaker for Hedberg Hill Wines

Since 2015 we have had our white and Rosé wines made by Madrez Wine Services at Orange with winemakers Lucy Maddox and Chris Derrez.  Peter Hedberg is making the red wines at the Cellar Door.  Peter spent many years making wines at a NSW Primary Industries research station at Griffith and completed most of the Wine Science degree at Charles Sturt University.

Orange Region Terroir booklet

A comprehensive review of the unique features of the Orange wine region.  Written by Peter Hedberg on behalf of the Orage Region Vignerons Association.  An informative booklet on the history of the Orange wine region, its climate, geology, soils and how grapes perform from 600 to 1100m elevation.

Hard copies are available from Taste Orange at $5  ( or it can be downloaded from Wines of Orange (

  • Vintage 2011

The la Nina year brought a cooler wetter season to Orange.  The vines grew strongly with ample rain and ripening began late.  Harvest was unseasonally late by some 3-4 weeks.  Drier weather in March and April brought the grapes home with excellent condition, colour and flavour.  Such conditions also enabled us to leave some Riesling vines to develop Noble Rot (Botrytis) from which we have made a Sweet desert wine - to be released later in 2011.

  • Vintage 2012

Vintage 2012 was very late as we had a very cool summer - the coolest for some 40 years.  Luckily we had a long dry sunny ripening period after heavy rain in late February.  Such ripening conditions and a small crop were able to produce high flavour in the 2012 grapes and wines.

  • Vintage 2013

The 2012/2013 season has been excellent with minimal rain and well balanced vine growth.  After a hot dry spell around Christmas the weather cooled to mild sunny days in autumn. A late February rain period from the north was challenging but some fantastic fruit was harvested with wonderful wines to come.

  •  Vintage 2014

The 2013- 2014 season was travelling very nicely until mid February when we unfortunately had weekly rain (15-20mm) during the ripening period.  Early ripening varieties came off in good condition but the harvest of later varieties was delayed by the cooler/damp conditions.  White wines have good flavours and intensity. Our red wines made by Peter at the cellar door look very promising in barrel despit the wetter vintage.

  • Vintage 2015

The 2014-2015 season was the best year ever thanks to a lovely warm, dry ripening period.  The season began with some late frost events plus some unusually hot weather in November.  Substantial rain at Christmas and early January provided adequate moisture for the ripening period.  Wines from the 2015 Vintage will be outstanding.  Whites have great flavour and structure. The reds are well ripened with great colour and flavour. Cheers to a great year. 

  • Vintage 2016

Another wonderful dry harvest year that was equal to 2015.  A warm dry spring gave way to a mild summer before a long dry warm February-March ripening period.  The grapes were harvested in only 2-3 weeks in March as they quickly reached full ripeness and flavour.  2016 wines look excellent - particularly the reds which benefited from the extra warmth at our elevation.

  • New releases

2016 Riesling

2016 Sauvignon blanc

2015 Viognier

2016 Rosé

2015 Merlot

2015 Cabernet sauvignon

  • Welcome to Hedberg Hill.  We hope this web site can provide some interesting information on Hedberg Hill wines and the Orange Wine Region.  We look forward to providing you with regular updates of what happens at the vineyard, our wines and within the Orange Wine Region.

Hedberg Hill Retail order form June 2017

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