Vineyard & Viticulture


The Hedberg Hill vineyard is at 880m elevation which is in the cooler part of the Orange Region.  This broad undulating hilltop has a slightly southerly aspect.  Basalt derived red/brown clay loam soils provide for deep rooted vines of moderate vigour. 

All vines are planted 2m apart in 2.8m rows and grown with a Vertical Shoot Position (VSP) canopy. Most rows have a North-South orientation to catch an even spread of sunshine across the day.  All vines are hand pruned to either spurs or canes.  The vineyard floor is a grass sward which is mown to build up mulch under the vines.  Minimal irrigation is used to hold fruit and leaf condition as needed. Most vines are hand harvested when at peak flavour and maturity.

After spring budburst, shoots are thinned back to be well spaced and to achieve a desirable crop load.  Two sets of foliage wires help support the new shoot growth.  Shoots may be trimmed in early January if too long and bunches may be thinned if too much crop is still on the vines.  Leaf plucking around bunches is often done at early ripening (veraison) to enhance grape colour and flavour.

Since 1998 we have developed 5.6ha of winegrapes made up of seven varieties so as to produce a range of wine styles.  These varieties include three complementary reds and four aromatic whites that are well suited to the Orange Region.

Winegrape varieties:

White varieties:

The classic Riesling variety is best grown in cool climates to maintain the floral and citrus flavours.  Riesling wines can be produced in a range of aromatic wine styles using grapes picked early or late.  A luscious Late Harvest desert style is also possible when Noble Rot takes hold with a dry sunny autumn.

Sauvignon blanc
Sauvignon blanc thrives in the fertile soils and moderate rainfall of Orange.  It is our Hero variety and the wines show a wonderful mix of grassy and tropical fruit flavours. It is cane pruned and harvested early to maintain the fresh tangy flavours and acid crispness.

This classic variety grows well balanced canopies and crops in the Orange Region producing high flavoured fruit with lime and peach characters. These vines are grown on the East-West orientation to help shade the fruit from the afternoon sun.

A wonderfully aromatic late season variety that produces a full bodied wine style ideal with flavoursome food.  Grapes are left to hang near harvest to accumulate rich citrus and apricot flavours.  A challenging variety to grow but the wine is worth all the effort

Red Varieties

A major Spanish variety from the Rioja Region that should grow to perfection in the Orange Region.  The fruit is very early maturing and has high flavour. This wine is often blended with Cabernet sauvignon and Merlot.

This classic variety is the natural foil to Cabernet sauvignon in having soft fruit tannins and spicy violet and cherry flavours.  It is early ripening, spur pruned and often blended with Cabernet.

Cabernet sauvignon
The king of red varieties that produces long lived wines with high colour and berry fruit flavours.  Firm natural skin and seed tannins are softened by high fruit exposure and fruit maturity.  Cabernet is moderately vigorous, spur pruned and late ripening. 

Hedberg Hill wine tasting notes Nov 2016

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