About Us

Hedberg Hill
Peter and Lee began the development of Hedberg Hill vineyard in 1998 after many years in the grape industry.  Peter has had a career in viticulture as a researcher, teacher and Viticultural Consultant.

Peter played a major role in the development of the Orange Wine Region since calling the first public meeting in 1987 to establish a winegrowing association.  Today the vibrant Orange Wine Region has over 70 vineyards growing some 1500ha of winegrapes.

As a viticultural consultant, Peter has helped design, establish and manage many vineyards across SE Australia.  In 1998 it was time to put this experience into practice with the development of Hedberg Hill.

We hope you enjoy our wines from the Orange Region and look forward to your visit to our vineyard and Cellar door when you visit the beautiful city of Orange.

Wines & Awards

Hedberg Hill Retail order form June 2017

Hedberg Hill wine tasting notes Nov 2016